Nau Mai, Haere Mai
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Welcome to Te Puna Wai Tours

Te Puna Wai has been created to offer visitors a rare glimpse of our people, place, and passion. The days of our forefathers come alive, and we feel a real connection with our shared past.

Share in our extraordinary story of loss, destitution, resilience, survival, and redemption.

Encounter a walking tour unlike any other…

We have created a unique and distinctive walking tour to provide an opportunity for people to learn the cultural and historical stories of the Waikato people, the Kiingitanga and Tuurangawaewae marae. 

As custodians of Papatuuaanuku, our earth mother, we are stewards of our precious heritage. By sharing our stories and journey with you, we’re leaving a tangible legacy for the generations to follow, keeping the customs, traditions, and spirit of our forefathers alive in the present and safeguarded for the future. 

This once in a lifetime experience is suitable for everyone, no matter your age, background or what part of the world you’re from. Our tour gives visitors access to a bygone era and connects us all with our shared past. Historical events, sites of significance and the notable characters that make up our rich, colourful history are shared from our unique family perspective.


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About us

Our rich, colourful history is shared from our unique family perspective.

Te Puna Wai Tours is committed to providing an exceptional educational experience that connects people with the local Maaori history in the Waikato region. We do this by sharing our age-old rituals and practices of honouring the past, cherishing the present, being present in the now, and taking full responsibility for all our actions in the future. 


No one else is currently sharing this extraordinary story – so it’s our vision to shine a light on it, share it and celebrate it! 


Te Puna Wai Tours is all about legacy and local history.

Te Puna Wai Tours is all about legacy and local history.


We offer a rare glimpse of unique North Island attractions.

Our tours are centred around the Waikato region, easily accessible and a convenient drive from major nearby centres such as Auckland, Hamilton and Tauranga.

With love & learning - from our family to yours.

Where the past, present, and future interwine, and lasting new connections are formed.

Our Story

We share the story of Tuurangawaewae marae, and the narrative of our whanau papakaainga we are currently developing.

My whaanau are building 3 new homes at our family
homestead and this business is a proudly family-owned

We are descendants of the first Maaori King Potatau Te
Wherowhero and our tour experience includes our family history over the past 7 generations.

Tour Highlights
- Learn about important historical events
- Visit sites of significance
- Discover notable characters
- The importance of whaanau (family & community) in Maaori, culture
- Explore what makes these North Island attractions so distinctive, and'the special significance of:

> Waikato
> Whakapapa
> Kiingitanga
> Tupuna Awa, River Ancestor: The People of the Waikato River
> Ngaaruawahia

Join us on a journey to create powerful futures and lasting legacies, By being free from the limitations of the past and fully present in the here and now.

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