Who we are

Kia ora!

Expand your horizons, your perspective, knowledge & appreciation.

Te Puna Wai Tours offers educational, interactive guided tours in the Waikato region showcasing local legacy and history. Our friendly, professional guides have a wealth of experience and background knowledge of the places of significance, customs, practices and treasured traditional pastimes in this captivating corner of Aotearoa. 

Join Matu, Mona, Mereaina and Karaipo as we dive into the region’s rich past.

Enjoy exhilarating activities such as guided walking tours, E bike excursions, cultural competency workshops and the ever-popular Snypers West Coast Fishing Tours. 

There truly is something for everyone and we can’t wait to share our world with you – a unique adventure awaits, unlike any other cultural, historical, or outdoors experience you’ve had.


With love & learning – from our family to yours.

Explore the Waikato’s best kept secrets and hidden gems from our unique family perspective.

We share the fascinating story of Tuurangawaewae marae, and the narrative of our whaanau papakaainga we are currently developing.

My whaanau are building 3 new homes at our family homestead and this business is a proudly family-owned enterprise. We are descendants of Tiahuia the daughter of King Taawhiao and our tour experience includes our family history over the past 7 generations.


Te Puna Wai Tours is committed to providing an exceptional educational experience that connects people with the local Maaori history in the Waikato region. 

We do this by sharing our age-old rituals and practices of honouring the past, cherishing the present, being present in the now, and taking full responsibility for all our actions in the future.

No one else is currently sharing this extraordinary story – so it’s our vision to shine a light on it, share it and celebrate it!

Te Puna Wai Tours is all about legacy and local history.

At Te Puna Wai Tours we’ll share with you:

  • The wisdom of our forefathers and mothers, and a profound sense of respect for these treasured life lessons through the ages.
  • The holistic views passed down from one generation to the next.
  • Our visions, hopes and insights.
  • Our special connection to the land, its life force and how the past, present and future are intertwined.

“Whatungarongaro te tangata toituu te whenua.”

As man disappears from sight, the land remains.

This demonstrates the holistic values of the Maaori, and the utmost respect of Papatuuaanuku, our Earth Mother.

“He kaakano ahau i ruia mai i Rangiaatea.”

I am a seed which was sewn in the heavens of Rangiaatea.

A famous Maaori proverb which shows the importance of your genealogy and your culture.

What sets Te Puna Wai Tours apart?

  • An opportunity to soak up the splendour of Papatuuaanuku our majestical Mother Nature. Immerse yourself in the vibrant wonders of the Waikato on expertly guided Maaori tours.
  • Family focused, emotionally and spiritually invested guides with strong ties to the land, its history, people, and significance. Be guided by local whaanau whose ancestors have lived in the area for centuries. 
  • Share in unique perspectives, rarely experienced.
  • Fun, informative, entertaining, wholesome, and enriching experience for young and old.

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