About Us

Passionate about sharing our deep love, respect, and knowledge of the land with you.

Explore the essence of Te Puna Wai Tours where you’ll experience how our rich, colourful history comes alive through traditional age-old storytelling, vibrant customs, and the time-honoured rituals of our forefathers.

Kia ora, My name is

Matutaera Herangi

One of the Te Puna Wai Tour Guides.

Together with my whaanau, Mona, Mereaina and Karaipo I’d like to welcome you on this extraordinary journey.

Our Team

The concept of Te Puna Wai Tours was born out of the deep desire to share our fascinating local history and proud legacy with visitors to the region, as well as locals who are keen to explore the cultural and historical wonders of their own “backyard”.

We realised that nobody was sharing the narrative of our precious shared past. Te Puna Wai Tours was created as a way to showcase the unique perspective and compelling background of Maaori whaanau of the Waikato region.

Enjoy traditional Maaori Activities – fun for the whole family

Informative, educational, enlightening, inspirational and thoroughly entertaining – a great day out and fun activity for the whole family.

For a chance to meet the friendly Te Puna Wai Tours Team and explore our remarkable little corner of Aotearoa contact us to find out about tour options.